Scale your business
together with the
Creditplus bank in a
3 months paid collaborative MVP-project.


Startup-Competition: The digital customer service

In order to realize its vision of being 100% digital and 100% human, gaining absolute customer centricity, Creditplus is searching for:

Innovative technologies and solutions along the customers credit onboarding process, including the steps: first contact of the customer with the partners consultant, check of creditworthiness, paperworks and credit approval.

Technologies and solutions that enable the long term vision. Considering that subsidiaries may disappear, Creditplus wants to relocate the credit approval process in virtual rooms or at least mixed environments, using e.g. holographic solutions. 

1st Place

Goes into a paid MVP-project worth





with Creditplus

2nd Place

3rd Place





We are looking for startups...

...with innovative technologies (such as for example 3D holographic images and videos, ML, AR & VR, NLP or RPA), products or services that can make a significant contribution to Creditplus` partner banking customer journey.

...that want to demonstrate their products value to the banking industry by developing a MVP with a Creditplus Business Unit.

...whose target is to collaborate with a corporate firm and be part of the digital banking business of the future. 


Challenge Segment 1

Challenge Segment 2

Unsufisticating customer experience whilst offering consulting process.

e.g. missmatching of consultant and client.

e.g. unknown customer expectation.

Inefficient customer service and consulting process.

e.g. complicated data collection and handling.

e.g. intransparency of business conditions.

Solution Segment 1

Solution Segment 2

e.g. Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs)

for a personalized customer service assistance

e.g. (Open) Analytics Platform for gathering
Pre Sales Intelligence

e.g. physical hologram, Voice-assistant, Messenger or VR-agent

Platform solutions that facilitate customer understanding and data collection processes.

Open to your creativity

Open to your creativity


Creditplus belongs to Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CACF) and is a leading European retail credit provider, located in Stuttgart, Germany. Creditplus has a strong focus on providing retail partners from the automotive, home & living and consumer electronic space with innovative financing solutions.

As subsidiary of the French banking group Crédit Agricole, CACF is one of the largest European banks. By participating at Start & Pulse (a format within the international Open Innovation Programme of the Crédit Agricole Group) you get the chance to scale your product throughout Europe and to learn from one of Europes leaders - CACF is among the top 3 players in the consumer credit market in Europe.

16k business partnerships

Startup knowledge

Network: Gain new contacts for your network. Creditplus has 16.000 Business Partners across several industry segments.

Know-how: With the incubator “Le Village” Crédit Agricole has a strong Startup-Vehicle, active in France, Italy and Benelux. 

450k customers

15 million customers

Test: Test your prototype on a broad client base. Creditplus has 450.000 customers across Germany.

Test: Test your prototype on a broad client base. CACF has more than 15 million customers all over Europe.  

19 branches

9.700 employees

Roll-out: Get the chance to test your prototype in an applied use case. Creditplus has 19 branches in Germany. 

Size: CACF is a large corporate with 9.700 employees in 19 countries worldwide.

In partnership with:

OMM Solutions is a Digital Innovation Consulting and Digital Product Development Firm.


Where we come from...

Start & Pulse is an established international format headed by Crédit Agricole France. In Germany it is now entering its 3rd round, powered by Creditplus!

The following success stories came from past Start & Pulse competitions, the start of the collaboration journey.

Success Story 2018: Solvemate

Success Story 2019: Neohelden

“The Start&Pulse competition was a great opportunity for Solvemate to get to know Creditplus and ultimately kick-started our relationship. I am happy that we have taken part and can recommend it to any other startup!”

Erik Pfannmöller - Co-founder and CEO

"Participating in the S&P event was a great and lasting door opener for us in the banking sector. We gained so much media presence through our participation and third place that we subsequently entered discussions with several banks. Just recently, we were able to win another new customer because of this event. We would definitely participate again in this very well organized and professional event."

Dr. Kiryo Abraham - CEO

Value Collaboration Fit

“Throughout the past two years in which we have had the pleasure of working with Creditplus, it has been a very fruitful and constructive partnership. Creditplus has proven to be a reliable, committed and ambitious Solvemate client. We always receive precise and objective feedback to further improve our services and product alongside their needs and requirements. Creditplus has further shown to be very curious and goal oriented when it comes to testing out new features and exploring the value for their internal processes and user facing parts of their products and services.”

Value Collaboration Fit

"The cooperation with Creditplus is very pleasant, constructive and at eye level. We gained many insights into the banking environment through the cooperation with Creditplus. As a result, we are well positioned for more banking customers and can serve bank customers even more professionally, efficiently and with a higher quality."


Startup Evaluation

Round 1

Round 2

Collaboration Fit Evaluation

Competition Phase

Start & Pulse




MVP Decision

Go through Creditplus` internal fast track innovation process (approx. 3 months)

Collaboration Phase


in Business Units

Follow-up project
in the Crédit Agricole Group




15 October 2021

Application Start

30 November 2021

Application End

From 01-15 December 2021

Selection Process

Beginning 2022

Start & Pulse Competition


Dr. Martin Allmendinger

Head of INNOservices

Maximilian Klaes

Digital Innovation Consultant

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